Third Gear Throw Over Luggage System

I bought this budget luggage system from Third Gear to try out as I can't afford the Giant Loop one I want just yet.
After reading some reviews I figured I'd pay the $74 and see how it goes.
As I couldn't find any photos or vids of people using it for camping I thought I'd share my set up and show you what I managed to stuff in it.

Here's what I've tried to fit in it:
1. Gas Canister
2. Cookset with stove, lighter and spork
3. SOL Escape Bivvy
4. 6-11c Sleeping Bag
5. Helinox Chair
6. Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated sleeping mat
7. DD Hammock/Tarp
8. Mountain Design Pillow
9. Tent Pole
10. Vango Blade 2p Tent
11. Tent pegs and hammer

Plus, missing from the photo is a headlamp, phone charger, GoPro, Water purifier, spare tyre tubes and a few other odds n ends.
As you can see the only thing I couldn't get in was my tent and tent pole, so they will probably go on the back of the bike or in a backpack.

All that's left to do now is take it camping and see if it falls apart or not.


  1. I can see a lot of benefit rolling up from the bikepacking movement, with more soft luggage being accepted.


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